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ConnectionsPlusSat is an independent installer of the hottest satellite, internet, and cable services available. We service the entire Kansas City Metro area including many rural areas such as Louisburg, St. Joseph, and Desoto. Different from calling Dish or DirecTV we are independent meaning we can help you find the hottest deals, spend more time and effort on your installation, and make sure you get the best service for your family. Give us a call today at 913-980-7575!

Top 5 Reasons to Call ConnectionsPlusSat Today!

DirecTV Kansas and Missouri

  1. ConnectionsPlusSat offers the exact same prices you will see at DirecTV or Dish Network with one large difference:
    • Better Customer Service
  2. We are also experts at installation and cable placement.
    • Avoid unnattractive cable placement
  3. Work with an independent installer. One of the biggest benefits to calling us is that our loyalty is to you, not Dish, or Direct, or any other network. Not working for DirecTV means we won’t rush. We take the time to make sure you have the best setup, installation, and service possible.
    • We work for YOU!
  4. At DirecTV or Dish you can potentially wait up to 4 hours. Calling ConnectionsPlusSat removes those long wait times.
    • No Long Wait Times!
  5. Ever call customer service? You dial that 1-800 number and get routed to hopefully somewhere in America? Not Pleasant. Fortunately for you, we’re located right here in the Kansas City area. That means excellent customer service for you.
    • No Call Centers – We’re Local!


What Our Clients are Saying

Thanks for everything, Mark. I got the internet up and running. I will tell everyone I know about your service, it’s top notch!!!